Book D Basics

Entering the weird and wonderful world of metric spaces. Your life will never be the same again!


Analysis revision

Fun lecture I gave at M203 summerschool covering most of Chapter 13. Includes the story of how I killed my friend Nigel.


Non-Euclidean spaces

A few reminders of spaces of sequences & functions


Mixed metric

How to find Cl, Int and Bd with a scary metric.


Tutorial handouts + formative notes

Tutorial stuff from last year, and notes on Q9 and Q10 of this year's TMA.



Book E Rings and fields


Book E Basics

My take on what this book is about.


Hierarchy of domains

Like the pickie on HB p96 (but more gorgeous) with brief notes on the properties of each domain. There's a version in the folder which prints better than the gorgeous one.


Tutorial handouts

All the stuff from the gig on 11 Mar 2017

Updated 11/3/17






Book F basics

Brief intro to the very last book - ending on a high.


The three Cs

Pickie to summarise (very briefly) how connectedness, compactness and completeness relate to each other


Tutorial questions notes and slides.

From the 15J gig on 23 Apr 2016

M303: Further Pure Maths

Book D Metric spaces 1 

Useful stuff (allegedly)


Core & non-core stuff

Copied from the planner to make it easy to print


Proving things

General advice on finding and presenting  proofs, and a summary of standard strategies.


Geometric series

Cribsheet to remind you of some standard results.




Shirleen Stibbe's OU stuff

Health warning:  This is not official Open University material.  All  errors, misconceptions and misleading statements are my very own

Block 2

Book A Number theory

ds4 pickie

Book A Basics

Very short intro notes / tips for each chapter in this book.


TMA01 notes

A few tips, mainly about the formative questions


Tutorial handouts

These are the questions, notes/solutions and slides from the gig last year.





Book B Basics

Very brief notes, warnings and enthusiasms to get you in the mood for this block.


Notes folder, containing:

1) Summaries of basic stuff,

2) Dicyclic groups note,

3) D6 - the full Monty (everything applied to D6)

4) Direct products


Tutorial handouts

Questions, notes/solutions and slides from the gig on 26 Nov 2016. I had a great time, and nearly everyone survived the onslaught.



Book C Numbers and rings


Book C Basics

Usual brief meander through the topics in each chapter of this block



From Ring to Field

The hierarchy;  each entity is a subset of the previous one. This will be expanded in Book E.



Tutorial handouts

Ch 9-10 stuff added 10/12/16

Ch 11 stuff added 17/12/16

Ch 12 stuff added 7/1/17

8/1/17: Corrected typo Ch11 Soln 2 (b)

D10 in colour subgroups d6 wallpaper rings ds3 pickie metric Analysis heart graph subgroups hierarchy hierarchy pi gasket mandelbrot 3 cs

Book F Metric spaces 2

When the end is near ...

Revision tutorials

Handouts from 2016 and slides from 2017 dayschool and online tutorials



My exam solutions

This is totally unofficial. Not to be relied upon. Updated 21/5/17

Do not read until you've had a serious go at the paper yourself. 

sequence M303

Book B Groups

apple core coloured crying girl icon_star_clip_art klee icon_star_clip_art